Sunday, September 5, 2010

The last hurrah

Well, school has started around here. BUT, we already have a four day weekend, so what do you do but make the most of it? Earl, Shmearl ... that hurricane ended up being no big deal around here, so Friday my Mom came over to watch Chloe for the day and we headed out to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster County. We missed Chloe but I am really glad we did not take her along. We were able to move at a much faster pace and we could all enjoy the rides without someone having to sit out with her as she is too little to go on rides anyhow. The kids had so much fun, and every morning since then, Carter has gotten up in the morning and asked if we can go to Dutch Wonderland again. Sorry, Buddy, but you'll have to wait til next year. :(

I have to say - I thoroughly enjoyed this whole day with the kids. Every. Single. Minute. They were so happy and so excited... and didn't complain about anything ... and they rode every single ride, including the rollercoasters! WHEEEEEE!

The kids at the entrance to the park

Sky Ride

A perpetual favorite, the carousel.
New tradition: Every time we rode we decided to name our horses!

Carter clapped REALLY enthusiastically during the Frog Prince water show

Riding the little train

Riding the big train

Mommy & Audrey

This photo is for Uncle Matt (the hunter of the family....) :)

My own little knight and princess :)

DW also has a really great water park section that we spent some time at as well. It was pretty humid in the afternoon so it was a great way to cool off!

Now on to the rest of the weekend.... tomorrow we are having a family birthday party for Audrey. I can't believe she is turning seven in a couple days!

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