Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 years ago today

... This little bundle of preciousness entered my world.

It took her awhile, but Miss Audrey Grace finally joined us on September 7, 2003 at 3:20 a.m.

It only took 42 weeks, a few gallons of pitocin, and almost 30 hours in the hospital ... and finally she was forced into this world by c-section. So much for my high hopes of a natural childbirth. But as I often say - It is what it is.

As I reflect back on that time, I recall that in the weeks leading up to Audrey's birth, I was often unable to sleep as the days crept farther and farther past my due date. I spent a lot of {worthless} time worrying that Audrey's birth would not go as I "planned." (haha, just writing that makes me laugh) I distinctly remember praying about it fiendishly and at one point God just spoke to my heart and said "Quit worrying (!)... However Audrey is born is how I ordained it to be." Isn't it wonderful that we can take comfort in the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, takes God by surprise? He isn't up in heaven wringing His hands over the events of our lives. He knows what will happen, and He will use the events in our lives to help us become more like Him and to reflect His glory ... if we let Him.

Thankfully God knew all Audrey's days before she was even conceived and knows all that is to come. That gives me such peace as she grows older and farther out from our sheltering wings. Sending her off to school all day has given me some anxiety about who is influencing her and what she is learning and taking in, but she doesn't go alone. God is with her! {repeat to self, repeat to self .. :)}

Once again as we celebrate her birthday we are grateful for another year of health, happiness, and growth in our not-so-little-anymore girl. May God bless you richly and draw you to Himself over this next year. We love you!

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Steve and Amy Lou said...

I remember that day, and also was hoping for a different experience for you. However, as you said, Audrey was born as she was ordained to be. I can't believe its been 7 years! Blessings as you celebrate her life!!!