Friday, September 17, 2010

14 Months

Yeah, yeah, I missed 13 months. Oh well, can't be on top of it ALL the time ...

I was just looking through my pictures from the past month and surprisingly - don't have too many of Chloe. The last month has been more about her siblings really - Audrey had a birthday, both older kids are starting school this month, etc. We also took the older two kids on a few outings where we left Chloe home with my mom.

But don't you worry, Chlo-Chlo has been getting plenty of attention too.

I have to say - she is at such a GREAT age. I can't believe how much she has changed from just 2 short months ago when she turned one.

For example -

She is communicating SO MUCH now. Not really with words much, but she definitely understands what we are saying and lets us know what she wants. You can give her a simple command, and she will do what you say. She goes over to the counter where I keep the cups and raises a ruckus when she is thirsty, and to her chair when she is hungry. (Last night she even went over to her crib when she was tired!)

She is so steady on her feet now - practically running sometimes! I especially love watching her run around with all the older neighborhood kids like she's one of the gang!

She is busy, busy, busy and into everything. It has its down side in that you can turn your back and she is eating something gross off the floor or unrolling the entire toilet paper roll or emptying a laundry basket full of just folded clean clothes ... but the upside (which for me WAY outweighs the down side) is that she entertains herself for very long periods of time. AAAAHH! Every day is a new adventure when you're one.

She is a tough little chick. She wipes out a lot (see previous comment about running) but she usually gets right back up without a whimper. She LOVES to play tackle. And she also attempted going down the tube slide head first but I got her ankle before she went hurtling facedown into the mulch! But she did go down the tube slide on her bottom about a zillion times.

She now has all 4 of her molars! Holy cow am I glad that is over. There were some hairy days back when they were coming through. My very happy girl was WAY unhappy. :(

And of course - the piggy tails are a cute addition. :) So is the way Chloe has taken to carrying around a baby doll. This morning she was walking around with her baby slung around her waist, kinda like I would be carrying her!

A few 14 month Chloe pics:

Audrey is teaching Chloe the joys of playing dress-up.

Our cat Diesel is endlessly fascinating to Chloe. Much to Diesel's chagrin.

Chloe now has 3 mornings with Mommy ALL TO HERSELF while Carter is in preschool!
Oh the fun we are having! :)

Although this is how Chloe & Carter usually feel about each other.
So far they are the best of friends. :)
I so love this picture.
And I am going to pull it out when they are 13 & 15 and ready to kill each other ...

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Magda said...

I loved your country song. It's so true; life goes too fast and you need to enjoy every moment with your children, even the annoying ones because one day they'll have another life and you'll wish they were all still with you.
I also loved the video clip of Chloe chastising her cat for being Bad. She's something else. There's no question that she's developing beautifully. God bless her and all your babies!