Monday, September 20, 2010

Darn Country Music

Yesterday I had one of those days where I just felt irritated. You know, how things get on your nerves that might not normally do so? Well, lately it feels like I live in a toy landfill. I wanted to pick up every blasted toy on the floor and pitch it in the garbage can. I am so tired of tripping on, climbing over, or stepping on all those little toys that seem to multiply in their toy boxes. (Bottom line is that little whozit is at the "dump everything out" stage, so it doesn't matter how much I clean up, it can look like it did before in about 2 minutes flat). It doesn't help that over the weekend everyone is home all day to make a mess (plus a few other kids were over to add to the disaster)!

So this morning while little whozit napped and the other 2 were at school, I ran around the house trying to re-organize/put away/get rid of all the "stuff" that had accumulated over the weekend. Yeah, still not looking much better. I kinda felt discouraged about the losing fight it is to keep tidy.

Lately I have really been trying to look at things with a more positive attitude and a more thankful mindset. I feel like God is wanting me to grow in this area ... to be satisfied and content with the reality that is my life rather than wish for things to be different. To enjoy the day for what it is and take what I can from it. To not wish time away but squeeze all I can from today.

Then as I drove to pick up Carter and his friend from preschool this song came on the radio. I don't normally listen to the radio much, but today I happened upon this song. Coincidence? I think not.

And that darn country music - it sure can make a mama cry.

[I don't normally like to post vidoes or what not to the blog but this song is worth it, esp. the end. Very convicting.]

Now go run and blow your nose. I know you at least got a sniffle listening to it! :)

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