Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of school - Carter edition

Today Carter-Boy had his first day at Preschool in the Valley. He had a visit to his classroom on Monday and got to meet his teachers (and see the playground!) but today was his first full day. He was very excited to go!

All ready to go with his tote bag.
He decided he wanted to wear his excavator shirt to his first day of school.

Daddy came to preschool with us this morning to see him start his first day.

When we walked in, I could tell Carter was a wee bit nervous. I asked Teacher Lisa if I could take a picture of her & Carter together ... and just as I snapped the photo, Carter stuck both his fingers up his nose. Just keepin' it real here, folks. I am sure we will look back at this picture and have a good laugh someday!

Carter quickly found his neighbor friend Rebecca so he was all smiles.

When I picked him up later on, I asked him what he thought, and he declared: "I love, love, LOVE preschool!"

I would say that is a good day for a three year old little boy. :)


nateandkatesmom said...

Glad he had a good first day! Love the picture with his fingers up his nose!!LOL The one of him and Rebecca is adorable!

patricia said...

Sounds like a good first day! The pic of him with his fingers in his nose made me laugh! I love it! :)