Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really long, overdue post

Wow, the past week has been a whirlwind ... but full of great, great times with family and friends. But I feel like I am just coming up for air now. I'd better take a bunch of deep breaths though, because next week I am on my own. Yup, Chad is off to California for 5 days for a work project. Commence praying for me now!

Back to the good times. Quick, before I start to hyperventilate about being alone with the kids from Monday to Friday ... (I know some people's husbands travel all the time. Well, mine doesn't so I'm not used to this!)

Just a warning - this is kind of long with lots of photos.

Last Saturday we piled the kids and half our possessions (well, it seemed like half our possessions) in the car and headed to Long Island to spend the day with family ... and celebrate our niece Brooke's 1st birthday.

Brooke and Chloe were born just 19 days apart. I am hoping that they will be great friends some day ... but for now this is about as close as they came to paying attention to each other. :)

The party started with a dedication ceremony performed by my father in law.
For those readers who may be unfamiliar with a baby dedication, it is simply a time where parents publicly promise to raise their child to know and love God, and ask family, friends and their church to help them to this end. Kind of similar to a baptism, minus the water.

Chad's Mom Peggy, Josh's Mom Magda (party hostess!) and Josh with Brooke and also another cute little family member named Bernadette.

Opening presents.

Brooke with her birthday cupcake. That she could not have cared less about. In fact, she ...
.... threw it over the side of her high chair. I have never seen a baby refuse their cake, but I have now seen it all! :0)

My little fish Audrey enjoyed the pool. A lot.

Chloe spent most of her day charming the pants off of complete strangers. Smiling, giggling, baby talking. Despite very little in the way of naps. I am so thankful that she is such a happy little thing....

...well, usually she is a happy little thing. Apparently she is not a fan of getting her picture taken on the 4th of July. Just keepin' it real here, folks.

On the night of the 4th, some of our best friends, the Voges', came for a visit from Illinois! Yippee! It had been 3 years since we had seen them.

On Monday, we had planned to do something outdoors but 95 degrees and humid put the kibosh on that. We opted for bowling instead.
Audrey and Caleb, who were best buddies for their first 2 years. They don't remember it, but Caleb's mom Heather and I enjoyed so many lunches and playdates together that first few years. Great, great memories for me.

Just for fun:
Here are Audrey & Caleb at Caleb's 1st birthday party! All I have to say is - Wow. Times have changed.

Sweet Jillian, their 5 year old

Jillian bowling with her Daddy, Randy

Later we ate our picnic indoors ... but we still made smores in the backyard despite the heat.

And what 4th of July celebration would be complete without fireworks?
Here is Carter being trained in pyrotechnics from an early age ... yikes.

Yeah, he seems to enjoy it.

Audrey seems to enjoy it too. Remind me to hide all the matches in the house ...

Watching the fireworks with a wee bit of uncertainty ;) Don't worry, we didn't burn anything down.

Happy Belated Independence Day!

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Magda said...

Hi Amy,
I loved all your pictures and commentaries about Brooke's party and your 4th of July celebrations, but those fireworks made me cringe with fear as they reminded me of my childhood one 4th of July. We were playing with sparklers too at my grandma's house when my brother Kenny decided to throw a firecracker up in the air (don't ask me where or how he got it) and it landed on my dress,which quickly ignited a fire and I suffered 2nd degree burns. I have a scar under my left armpit to this day to prove it!Please keep your kids away from all fireworks as they are very dangerous.
Much love,