Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let her eat cake

Hey, guess what everyone? I'm one!

My big party isn't til next week but we had fun celebrating just the 5 of us today.
My family got me a princess cake.
Mommy took all my clothes off because she knew that I was gonna make a big mess!

When I saw that piece of cake, I didn't mess around. I picked up the whole thing and shoved it right into my mouth.

It was really good!

Why is everyone laughing at me?

Hmmm, how much can I fit in my mouth?


That was really good, now what else can I eat?

Maybe this plate will taste good too?

Hmm... these hands are feeling pretty disgusting now.

Come on now, clean me up already!

And I mean now! My bozo hair has got to go!

Aaaah, much better now. :)


Brianne said...

HAHA, love the photos! Can't believe she's already 1!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, big girl! Love the pictures...but you look so troubled in a few of your pictures as you maul your birthday cake. It's can let yourself love every.single.minute of it! :)
Love to you, and your brother, sister, momma and daddy~

patricia said...

I love the photo sequence! SO funny and so very adorable!! She's a girl after my own heart. :)pwa

nateandkatesmom said...

She looks like she's striking a pose in the first pic! Can't believe she's one already! The cake was good! Thanks for sharing it!

Magda said...

She's adorable and a real ham when it comes to taking pictures. Thanks for sharing...

Nichole said...

Where does the time go??

Gee, she's so cute! LOVE the cake eating photos, they are the best!

Hope you are all doing well.