Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shopping adventures

Okay ... this is a really shallow post.

I found a new favorite store today ... drumroll please ... SUPER-WALMART! Well, at least the new Super-Walmart in King of Prussia. There are many Super-Walmarts that are not so thrilling (I'm sure we've all been in those ...), but this one is shiny and new, with big wide aisles and everything a stay-at-home mom like me could want! I even think I may start doing my grocery shopping there. The prices were good and my last trip to my usual grocery store entailed a 30 minute wait to check out. (I'm not kidding on that one. Try standing in line with a 20 month old for 30 minutes and you will know what hell is like ...)

You can tell it's a new store because every single employee said hi to me, I was asked if I needed help loading my stuff into the car, and someone even came and took my cart (while apologizing for startling me). GREAT customer service, at least for now. But I'll take it!

One other funny detail that I personally found hilarious: In the family bathroom there is the usual toilet, and next to it is a little toilet for little kids (ie, one foot off the ground)! I personally don't know if the little potty is a great thing or a terrible thing. All I could picture is Carter splashing around in it! But he was good and refrained from doing so. He was much more interested in pulling toilet paper off the roll and throwing it in the big toilet ... AARGH.

Happy shopping everyone! :)


Chris Ann Schultz said...

We love Super Wal-Mart. It's not overly busy. People never forget to give us our items. Good prices and 24 hours. We've had people help us with things to our car as well, when we had 2 carts and I was shopping for my parents. We've been going to one for 1 1/2 yrs. 1 would say, at least. It opened about 1 year or so after we moved and we've lived here for 3 years. I'm with you on a great place to shop!

Karen said...

From one stay at home Mom to another....Anything that is going to make my life easier is a wonderful thing to hear. I appreciate the insight. It is not shallow at all, but rather informative and appreciated.