Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Halloween Parade

Today was Audrey's Halloween parade/party at preschool. I'm sure I'll post some pics in the next few days of Audrey and Carter and all their little friends trick or treating, but here's a sneak peek of Audrey's costume. I love this costume. It's not very "creative" but I didn't have to do anything but buy it on clearance two days after Halloween last year! Plus it's warm, and she can get it off in a jiffy if necessary!

Who knew that a cat and unicorn would be such great friends! :)

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute photos. Chantel didn't really want me to take her picture and luckily didn't have to dress up for school. They just did a party and fall activities.
We visit and stay about 1/2 an hour to an hour at friend's house and family's house to see them and get candy. This year we went Saturday, Nov. 1st, since Chantel went to her first child's birthday, bowling party for a boy in her class, LJ. She has 10 boys and 4 girls in her class, including her. It's great she's in a small group.