Friday, October 24, 2008

Hooray for New Hairdos!

You know, when I first found out that the squirmy being inside my belly was a little girl, I dreamed of all the little girl stuff I would enjoy ... pretty dresses, princesses, coloring books, shopping together, baking yummy stuff together, and last but not least - creating cute hairstyles with bows and ribbons and curling irons with my little lady.

Well, some of those dreams have come true. Audrey loves anything arts and crafts, dresses up like a princess, enjoys helping me bake (ok, she likes licking bowls, but she'll come around ...), but the hair thing.... let's just say that she has been less than enthusiastic about letting me touch her hair. It had gotten to the point where I just totally gave up trying to coerce her into letting me style it. Even running a comb through it would elicit sounds of screeching that most women only make while in labor or something. Argh. So I had resigned myself to having the girl who just wore a headband every day. I was tired of the fight, although I would look at Audrey's friend Kaitlyn's hair and sigh. Her mom Kelly is a hair stylist, and Kaitlyn always has good hair. Audrey's hair often looked like a nest, but what could I do? I figured some day she would give a hoot about her hair style. Just not right now.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. Audrey had "picture day" at school on Thursday and after carefully navigating the "what outfit to wear" discussion, I said "so, do you just want to wear a headband tomorrow?" Then I said tentatively "you know, you're hair is long enough now, we could try braids ... Emma wears cute braids, Kessa wears cute braids, Kaitlyn wears cute braids..." Audrey perked up, so I said - "I could just try them out now if you want?"

She actually let me do it. And got more and more excited as I showed them to her. Even Chad came in and said "Those braids look really cute Audrey!" (Although with Audrey you have to be careful about the compliments, too many compliments make her suspicious!) By the end she said excitedly "I want to wear braids tomorrow for my picture!" I tried not to whoop for joy out loud. :) So ... she wore braids in her hair for her school picture. [Although all morning I thought to myself - I hope those braids are staying in! She has that fine, thin hair like her momma ...]

So now braids are the hairdo du jour in this house. Guess what she wanted again today? Braids. I should be careful what I wish for... now we'll probably have to get up ten minutes earlier every day just to put braids in ... well, I'm just happy for the change. But I now wonder what her next hairdo obsession will be ...

Of course Audrey can't pose for a camera without making a face these days ...

Best buds coloring together (and Audrey making her bro laugh his head off)

Just because he's so cute too! :)


nateandkatesmom said...

Of course, I got Kaitlyn used to having her hair done at an early age. And even though I'm the stylist......she's the boss when it comes to her hair. She tells me how she wants it every day. I'm longing to give her a cute bob like yours again, but she won't let me cut it short.....although I managed to sneak a couple of inches off without her noticing. LOL

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Yes, Chantel knows what she wants, clothes, hair, food, etc. She is the fashion queen. I don't know how she does it. I was always worried if something matched. She is total first born. She frustrates easily.
So, the hair, we cut it every time I cut Daddy's hair. She knows what headband to wear each day. So, for ballet this week. I had Vikki, the babysitter who is a hairstylist style it and pull it back into a pony tail, less stress!
Chantel is a do it yourself queen! Screaming, oh yeah, don't touch those "rats nests"!

ErinOrtlund said...

Cute braids! And I love the pic of Audrey and Carter laughing together!

Kate is into headbands too. She would probably let me try different styles, but I'm as lazy about her hair as I am about my own! Glad you can now fulfill one of your mothering dreams!

Kaylee said...

Sorry to say, I tagged you on my blog.
Kelly started it, blame her. :)
Check it out on my blog....