Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun with Grandpa

This past week, we had a visit from Chad's dad, aka "Grandpa," who was in town for a conference. We didn't have a lot of time together, but the time we did have was lots of fun. The kids really enjoyed having Grandpa here!

Audrey & Carter having fun playing with Grandpa.

On Friday, Chad took the day off and we went to the Strasburg Railroad out near Lancaster.

Grandpa & Carter next to the steam engine

Taking a ride in the coach car

Carter & Daddy

Me & Carter, who is more interested in an apple than a photo op.

It was a fun day. I'd love to go back to the railroad when the kids are older and would enjoy it more fully (and when I can go through the gift shop without holding a wiggly toddler who just wants to run around). We did have a broken ornament incident in the gift shop but Carter was not to blame. However, this was a great teaching opportunity for Audrey. We had to go to the gift shop worker and explain what happened, apologize, and pay for the broken item. Don't think she'll be touching stuff in stores for awhile now ...

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Looks like fun. We did that railroad with a group from church, girls club, think, when I was little.