Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When Audrey was little, I remember wondering if she would EVER just run off and play with her friends rather than stand behind my leg or say "I want YOU to play with me!"

Today her friend came over after school. They ate lunch, then ran to Audrey's room, slammed the door in Carter's face, and proceeded to play quietly for the next hour. They came out to ask for chocolate milk, goldfish, and a Caillou show. I was happy to oblige. Afterward, they played games together for awhile, and then decided to play one of their favorites "Sicky" (basically, one person pretends to be sick and throwing up, and the other "takes care" of her. Don't know why that is so much fun, but they really seem to get into making throw up noises!!)

They play together so nicely (and even quietly!) that it really makes my afternoon easier. Maybe she should have a friend over every day! It's a joy to watch Audrey becoming more mature and truly enjoying real friendships.

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Chantel brought home the phone number of a girl in her class. She's not calling right now, unless we receive an official list from the class. It looked like her Mom's cell #. Chantel loves school and only gets frustrated when things seem overwhelming, new procedures, finding her classroom, (She feels good about that now.) She's already thinking the child b-day thing. So, we will have to talk. That depends on her behavior. She's great at school. Home, she definitely feels at home! AAAHH!