Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We had a pretty low-key Labor Day. We decided to take the kids to the Elmwood Park Zoo to look at the animals, have a picnic, and play on the playground there. Afterward we came home, put Carter down for a nap, and Audrey and I went out back to the pool while Chad did some more work on our basement renovation project. The evening was topped off with Audrey and friends playing outside until it got dark. Most of the kids started school today, but Audrey's school starts next week so we get another week of "summer."

These are some pictures from the zoo:

Audrey near the bison pelt (is that what you call it?)

Chad and Carter checking out the prairie dogs. Moments after this picture was taken Carter took a spill and hit his face on a concrete step. It hasn't been a good week for him injury-wise. He also fell down our stairs the other day. :( Really he just runs so fast that his momentum gets going and those little feet just can't keep up!

Getting ready to eat lunch. You can kind of see the shadow of his shiner beginning to form ...

A trip to Elmwood Park Zoo wouldn't be complete without a picture in the butterfly thingie, at least not for Audrey!

Carter eating his dinner and showing off his facial injuries ... he's a tough little guy though!

And here is some of the progress on our psychedelic 70's basement. Drywall is going up over the crazy wall, and we're starting to prime the paneling so we can paint! Chad has big dreams for this room, complete with projection TV and surround sound. For now we'll both be happy with no more woodgrain paneling!! HOO-RAY for home improvement!


Chris Ann Schultz said...

cute pictures. Sorry that Carter fell, on the wall and down the steps at home. The basement idea sounds nice. We already have the hook up for a flat screen T.V. in our living room. The last people who lived here did a lot of updates to our house and had a flat screen T.V. We had to cover the speaker holes with our nice pictures. So we are set in our living room upstairs, for it someday! Thanks for sharing. Chantel starts school, Sept. 8th, YEAH! Firday, she meets her teacher and rides the bus, just a 1 hour visit!

nateandkatesmom said...

I can't wait to see the finished product in your basement! That room has potential to be a really nice, cozy family room.