Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun in the Sun ... well, mostly sun, and a little rain

We had a great time this past weekend in Ocean City. We stayed at a condo that was only a block from the beach and boardwalk, and I think one of my favorite things was just sitting on the big porch and looking out over the water (also had a great view of the back of a hotel too, but I just kind of blocked that out :) ) The best part of a trip like this is just watching the kids' excitement as they experienced new things.

Off to the beach we go!

Audrey builds a sandcastle with Pop-Pop

Finished product.

Carter LOVED the water. I'll say it again for emphasis: CARTER LOVED THE WATER! We spent lots of time making sure he didn't drown, cuz he sure wasn't scared of it at all.

Flying a kite on the beach (this is the day it rained in case you didn't notice all the gray clouds)

Nothing like the view of the boardwalk from up in a surrey

All of us in the surrey (minus my brother Andy who hadn't arrived yet)

We had Audrey's "family" birthday party at the shore. As I've said before, Audrey is very particular about certain things. And this is the cake she "ordered" - confetti cake on the inside, with blue frosting and a yellow star on top.

Who knew that crayons could be so exciting?

The kids also loved the rides. This was Carter's first "real" experience on rides; he's been on the carousel before, but this time he got to go on a lot more. He was thrilled, as was Audrey, who now has someone to ride with!

Riding the hot air balloons. Audrey even tried out some new rides this year including the log flume and the swings. It's curious to me that she will ride some pretty wild rides (like the kiddie coaster) but is afraid to climb some of the playground equipment. Guess these things don't always make sense.

The whole family

When we got home, Audrey got busy playing with her new toys in her room. Next thing I know, I found this sign on her door. The kids had to share a room during our trip, so perhaps Audrey was ready for some alone time in her own space? I think she was just tired of him "messing up" her stuff...


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Nice pictures. It was nice you and your parents, Amy, and brother could get together and celebrate Audrey's birthday. Chantel already knows what cake she wants from Wal-Mart for her birthday too. She was looking in August for a December 7th, b-day. She always knows exactly what she wants. Her principal calls her precise. Don't know where she gets it! Yes, I do! Me.
I understand about not wanting people to mess up my space. It happens all the time. I never liked it when my cousin would come over and mess up my room and not help clean it. He still doesn't keep things clean and lives at home with Mom, age 30. Keep in touch!

nateandkatesmom said...

Looks like a good time! That last picture,(keep out Carter) is hilarious!!!