Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall is in the air ...

Okay, fall is not really in the air yet, it's still 90 degrees ... and Audrey hasn't started school yet ... and we are headed to the beach in a week for our end of summer getaway ... but I'm already getting excited!

I can't get enough of fall. I've been longing for it since mid-summer! (And secretly also starting to dream about Christmas ... I know, I'm bizarre that way.) Anyway here are my FAVORITE things about fall. Sorry, but this might be a long list...

1. Getting out the jeans and sweaters and jackets and having a whole new wardrobe to choose from

2. Crisp morning air, but still warm enough to be outside without frostbite!

3. Beautiful, glorious colors. How do you southerners stand it without fall colors? The trees are incredible in the fall, especially in Pennsylvania (Trivia, for those of you not born or raised here in PA: Do you know how Pennsylvania got its name? "Penn" - from William Penn, original founder/owner of the land; and "sylvania" means "woods".) Thus, the awesome trees.

4. Going apple picking (and eating), which is becoming an annual tradition for us. See last year's fun (and how little Carter was ...) here.

5. Pumpkin bread, pie, snack cake, candles, etc.

6. School is in session

7. Our small group meets once a week again. I love those people!

8. My "fall" Yankee Candles that smell like something yummy is baking

9. Leaves ... jumping in them, hearing them crunch under our feet, and did I mention the beautiful colors?

10. Earlier bedtimes for the kids (which also means earlier getting-up times, but oh well)

11. My favorite shows finally have new episodes (Do I hear an "amen" to new Lost episodes??)

12. Carving pumpkins

13. Getting out the "fall" decorations. Yes, I have a whole box of "fall" stuff ... and today I bought a little more ...

14. Trick or treating and handing out candy to all the kids who come by our house (lately there have been an inordinate amount of princesses and super heroes ...)

15. Can't think of anymore right now, but I'm sure I'll think of more later!

Memories of last fall....

Hard to remember Carter being this little (and this stationary!)


ErinOrtlund said...

I love it too Amy! Although it's a bit bittersweet here in Saskatchewan, because fall doesn't last long, and then the incredible-winter-that-never-seems-to-end will be here!

nateandkatesmom said...

I can't wait for fall too. I was just thinking I'd do a little fall decorating while Kaitlyn is in school tomorrow. I just hate what comes after fall.

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Chantel is already playing Christmas Veggie Tales. We made the piƱata. A little nervous about back to school adjustment. Cool mornings recently make me ready. Fall can be really pretty. We just organized all Chantel's drawers with fall, and cold weather wear, adding in what a friend gave us from a yard sale she went to, Praise the Lord! I just got my second sub day scheduled. One a week for my first 2 possible weeks. God is good! Now if the family visits to the hospital slow down, we will be in good shape. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the photos.

thoughtlife said...

Amy, your experience of life in the fall is like a dream come true. sweet post!