Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new look!

Hooray for free blog backgrounds at !!!

I finally figured out how to change my background and this website has so many great backgrounds. I can even change it for the seasons if I want to (and that is SO "me" to do ... yes I have fall decorations up... I'm a geek, I know) Even better, they tell you exactly how to do it, so a computer dummy like me can figure it out.

Hope you like the new look. I love polka dots, but I was getting sick of the old background.

Have a great day!


Kaylee said...

I like it! I too like to decorate....and then quickly re-decorate. I start with the Christmas tunes around the end of September usually. I haven't quite felt like myself lately :) so it might come a little late this year.
As for the fall decorations....I have no idea where those are. I'll just have to pluck some colorful leaves and bring them inside! Hope to hang out soon!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

It looks great. I don't decorate or waste my time with any holiday, but Christmas or maybe Valentine's Day except changing outdoor flags. Maybe a few corn stalks (shalks) when we have decent stuff, this year the corn didn't grow tall enough! Christmas is my favorite. My b-day, Chantel's b-day and most of my friends b-days. Ralph just happened to be born in Sept.

Mama Amy said...

Kaylee, I'll call you sometime here in the next few days. I was hoping to hang out sometime soon too. You could bring the boys over to play or we could go somewhere fun for the kids. I hope you guys are enjoying the fall-like weather. I bet it beats 90 degrees!! :)

nateandkatesmom said...

Thanks for the link! Now we all have pretty backrounds. This blog is like my on-line scrapbook, so this makes it more fun.

Karen said...

Thanks for the link. What a completely different look. I love all of our new looks on our blogs.