Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Vacation, Part II

It seems a little incongruous to be posting this after my previous post. But I am going to add the remaining photos from our vacation.

I apologize in advance for ALL the photos. I just wanted to include pictures of ALL the friends we visited! And then there are all their beautiful children ... and whaddya know ... it all amounts to lots of pictures ... so bear with me and enjoy!

First stop: Cracker Barrel with my best bud Allison (and matron of honor ... sorry, I'm sure you don't like the word "matron," Al!) Also joining us were her two awesome girls Marah & Ellie. Additionally joining us was Tom, Allison's and my former boss and a great mentor to both of us!

Audrey, Marah & Ellie on good behavior ...

... and Audrey, Marah & Ellie exhibiting normal behavior!

All the kiddos on the porch of Cracker Barrel

All the BIG kiddos on the porch of Cracker Barrel! Conspicuously missing from this photo is Allison's husband Steve, who had a motorcycle accident a few days prior and was spending a few days in the hospital. We didn't get much time with Al & the girls, but we are glad that we got to see them at all given the circumstances. And Steve, we are SO glad that you are on the mend!

Next stop: Doug & Deana Rummel's house in North Aurora

Here is Carter with their 2 year old daughter, Brooke. Brooke immediately hugged Carter, even having never met him before. He seems to have that effect on women. Heaven help us.

Doug & Deana with Carter. Unfortunately we did not get a picture of their little guy Cody (age 5 months), who needed to go to bed a decent hour! Doug & Deana are great friends of ours - Deana and I used to work together and we all attended the same church. The excitement at their house was that a hot air balloon took off across the street from their home and the kids got to watch it float away!

Next stop: The Voges home in Woodridge

How many hours did Caleb and Audrey spend together in their first year? Can't count that high. And they jumped right in where they left off three years ago. Here is Audrey with Caleb & his sister Jillian, getting ready to eat dinner.

Chad and one of his best friends, Randy Voges.

Me and one of MY best friends, Heather Voges

Next stop: The Arney home in Winfield. We spent a very fun day hanging out and relaxing with Kyle & Kirsten Arney and Adam & Mary Jo Caouette, while ALL of our kids played and napped. Chad, Kyle & Adam were all roommates in the infamous North Avenue house in Elmhurst!

Carter makes friends with Kyle & Kirsten's 9 month old Felicia, aka "Fee" :) I think he's just handing her the hammer, at least I HOPE he wasn't planning on using it on her beautiful round head!

Kyle & Fee.
The dads took all the kids to the park to play. New dad Kyle brought diapers with him to the park. Veteran dads Chad & Adam did NOT bring diapers along. Guess who needed diapers??? Hint: It wasn't Kyle ...

Audrey & new friend Annie

Next stop: Bret & Velvet's wedding. I saw about 3 minutes of the wedding thanks to 2 small children who will remain nameless...

The happy couple - congratulations!

Adam, MJ, Annie & Sophie - 2 kids who DID make it through the wedding!

Let them eat cake!

Next stop: Uncle Dave & Aunt Deb's house (okay, since we stayed here, this was also our first "real" stop...)

Carter playing dominoes with my cousin Dave

Audrey with Dave's wife, Daniela and their dog, Bailey. The kids LOVED the dog!

My Uncle Dave, Aunt Deb & I watching Bailey do tricks, which Audrey greatly enjoyed (and tried to imitate!)

It was such a blessing to see our faraway family and friends again. We miss you! And please come visit us any old time ...


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Glad to see your trip went well. Sorry about the wedding you missed out on. Chantel was wonderfully behaved at the funeral today. Please pray for us and family issues with nursing care for Ralph's step dad and the controlling daughter, as we prepare for a relaxing trip to see college friend's in Maine. We are praying for you and your neighbor.

ErinOrtlund said...

Hey, I know some of those people! Fun to see pics of Allison's girls and Deana's daughter. How grown up they are! And Tom! What's he up to these days?