Thursday, July 24, 2008

Music to my ears!

Those of you who know Carter know that while he makes a LOT of noise (!) he doesn't really "say" a whole lot. He does say cat, ball, bubble, star, sock, Dada, etc. ... but mostly it's a lot of pointing, grunting and screeching when he really wants to make his point.

Since I am REALLY getting tired of hearing the loud screeches, I decided to try a little harder to teach him more sign language. So lately he has been signing - more, please, help, eat (of course) and drink which really helps me understand what he is trying to say better.

This morning I was feeding him breakfast and towards the end he signed "all done" and I proceeded to get him out of his high chair. Then it happened. As I was lifting him out, he said "Thank you!" in a clear and sing-songy little voice! Not only did he say something without screeching, it was an unprompted thank you. I said "Carter, you just made my day, buddy!"

I know that eventually he will say lots and lots of words (sometimes more than I want to hear, if his sister's speech patterns are any indication ...) But since they are few and far between at this point, I am enjoying each one he says.

Truly music to my ears :)

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

They say boys aren't as verbal as girls. Chantel is quite verbal. She dictated a card for me to write to her former babysitter of 5 years that was 6-10 sentences long. She knows what she wants and how to say it. Even the babysitters boys are impressed. They don't talk much at all and never did; they are teenagers now.
Well, a friend of mine had a boy who we just visited at about 3 yrs. old and at 2 yrs. old he really couldn't say much. It still seems he's not as verbal as Chantel was at that age. She was asking What's That? Question- by 14 months old, before or as she was learning to walk.