Monday, July 28, 2008

Kimberton Fair

Well, we went to the Kimberton Fair on Wednesday night, and of course, my camera batteries died pretty much immediately. So unfortunately I have no pictures of Audrey having fun running around the fair and riding the rides with her buddies Thomas and Emma. Boo hoo.

We did go back to the fair on Saturday for awhile and had a little family fun. So here are a few photos from that excursion!

The fair has a "cutest baby" contest and we entered Carter. He didn't win ... perhaps the judges didn't find nose-picking attractive?? Anyhow, Carter, you'll always be the cutest baby in our book!

Visiting the sheep, who also had some kind of contest of their own (some were sporting ribbons), although I doubt it is a "cutest sheep" contest.

Audrey and her balloon

Audrey with the sheep. I told you it's kind of a redneck fair...

Audrey on her beloved carousel ride. The next day she told me that she named her carousel horse "Thunder" (I'm guessing because we had a few thunderstorms last week?)

Carter enjoying his first carousel ride. It seems like just yesterday that I was taking Audrey on her first carousel ride ... [sigh] ... they're growing up so fast!

Time to go home. Someone's not too happy about this turn of events!

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute pictures. It looks like they had fun. petting zoo type things are always fun. We need to take Chantel to the Perkasie Caroussel some time again.