Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring happenings

Just wanted to record some of the things going on in our home lately.....
A friend at church gave Carter an unused science kit they had.  He & Chad (& Audrey too) have had fun doing experiments!
I love that he was recording his observations in a little notebook!   Chad is teaching him well. :)

Chloe has had some fun play dates with friends.  I think one of the reasons she loves to play with Evie is because - for once - Chloe is the "big kid." 

And here she is playing with her best buddy from preschool, Fiona.  They had such a great time together!
We went to the Phillies game in late April and man, it was COLD!
We had to snuggle to stay warm!
This spring, Chloe has spent many hours playing out in the backyard.  She pretends this climber is her "car."  She also spends a lot of time in the play house, the sand box, etc.....Sometimes even dressed as a princess!
Carter started coach-pitch baseball this year.  He gets to bat without the tee this year! 
Audrey was in a local spelling bee a few weeks ago.  She did not win, but she did a GREAT job!! I was so proud of her!
To celebrate Audrey's spelling bee participation, we all went out for ice cream!  Cheers!
In late April, I went on the zoo field trip with Carter's school.  It was really fun even if it was a little stressful to try to not lose 3 busy boys!  (And I never realized how tall Carter was until he was standing next to these 2 friends!) 
While I went on the field trip, Mom-mom came and spent the day with Chloe.  They had fun coloring and making play-doh creations together!
On a warm day Audrey opened a lemonade stand.  Always the entrepreneur, she charged 25 cents per cup.  She even charged her siblings, although I did talk her into a "family discount" of buy one, get one free. :)
Some day she will have enough for that Kindle Fire she's saving for ....
My 3 little loves. :)
Happy Spring!!

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Dina said...

Your kids are adorable!

Thanks for your input on our #2 problem! :)