Monday, May 27, 2013

Carter's writing

Now that the school year is winding down, the kids are coming home with some of their school materials.
This week Carter brought home his writing journal.
Some of the entries were ho-hum ("I am Carter.") and some were repetitive ("I have a cat. She is cute.  I love my cat.")

However, some were super sweet, like this entry:

This one revealed an area that perhaps we should work on?
MLK wants peace and harmony, and Carter be rich?  Not that money is bad, but....there are plenty of things I would like him to strive for more!

I thought this one was funny:
Mrs. Evan will be glad to know that not only is she nice, but she is also "thin". :)

I actually think his teacher would like this one even more:
I am so glad he thinks his teacher is the best teacher in the whole world.  Even if he has only had 3 teachers in his lifetime.... He truly did have a wonderful teacher this year.  She is fun and loving and understands boys.  She even came to one of Carter's baseball games!  We are glad he has had a good year and a good teacher.

Tomorrow he and his classmates make a trip to the elementary school to see what the next year holds for them.  I so cannot believe that my little boy will be in elementary school already!

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