Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up....Chloe finishes school & the Dogwood Festival

This time of year has suddenly jumped into fast forward!  School is winding down so quickly that I can hardly keep up with all the activity!

In the middle of May, Chloe finished up preschool  for the year.  Unfortunately, she was sick for most of the last week and missed out on her spring concert.  (Actually, she probably doesn't care too much that she missed it but I sure was sad!)  Fortunately she made it for the very last day of school/school picnic.  They celebrated summer birthdays so she got a special crown, cupcakes, and a birthday balloon that day.  She was very excited.
Next year she will be in preschool 4 mornings a week.  Audrey & Carter will be in elementary school.....so guess what that means?  3 hours of time all to myself, 4 days a week.  Boy will that be weird.  They sure are growing up.  I still can't believe that Chloe will be 4 in about 6 weeks!

Mid-May in Phoenixville also means....the Dogwood Festival and Parade!
Chad took Audrey & Carter on wristband night the first day of the fair.  They had a super time riding all the rides over and over again with their friends.  We brought Chloe on Saturday when she was finally well enough to ride and enjoy herself.  And enjoy herself, she did!

Here we are on the teacups
And on the flying puppy ride.  Boy was it nice to see her smiling again!  It had been a rough week!

 Trying to decide if she wanted to go on this ride....
 We also enjoy the parade every year with our neighbors
Chloe & Mommy waiting for the parade to start.
The kids anxiously awaiting floats that throw candy....
Only in Phoenixville do you have a float that includes "the blob"....
Oh, and a really loud steam calliope...

I tried to get a cute picture of Chloe with Chad.  And this is all I got...
Okay, think I'm all caught up for now. :) 

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