Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinterest Greatest Hits, Dinner Edition

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is the RECIPES.  I probably have hundreds of recipe pins.  And I actually try a lot of them!  Some have been great additions to my recipe rotation.  Others have been total duds!  (I was going to include those in this post, and then I thought - let's just keep it positive!)

I have included a link to each website and all  pictures are courtesy of the blogs they came from - NOT ME!  Just want to make sure credit goes where credit is due.

So here goes.  My own personal favorites!
I made this for my mom's birthday last year and even my picky brother loved it (and asked for it for his birthday dinner!)
It takes a little more time to cook so I don't make it often, but it is delicious and nice for a special occasion.

Believe it or not this is a weight watchers  "low-fat" recipe but I honestly don't do it completely low fat....fat free cheese is not part of my cooking repertoire.  
This is easy to throw together and full of flavor!
 This one surprised me.  I have tried all kinds of knock-off Chinese food recipes and none of them ever tastes remotely like what I expect.  This one was actually REALLY good.
Super easy.  4 ingredients.
Tastes good.  Palatable to children's taste buds.
And did I mention EASY?
 This is an easy slow cooker recipe.  MMMMM....
The kids didn't love it.  But they LOOOOVE Campbell's Scooby Doo chicken noodle soup so who's asking their opinion?? lol

 One of my favorite surprises has been finding recipes for homemade bread that don't involve lots of kneading or preparation time.  I have two favorites - one is for an artisan bread , and the other is for your more traditional crusty french loaves.  

Seriously, I now make homemade bread at least 2x a week!
You start this the night before (or in the morning), mix it together, let it hang out, bake it in a dutch oven.
It's kind of a chewy, denser bread - great with soup!
You can get these on the table in under an hour, start to finish.
And it is the most delicious bread.  100x better than store bought!

So there you have a few of my favorites.  Maybe I'll do another post on my favorite pinterest DESSERTS next!  

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