Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Valentine party observations

After Chloe's party at preschool today, I have decided that the amount of Valentine "loot" children give is related to birth order. 

For example:
Firstborn - Child brings a Valentine for each friend (usually homemade, probably off pinterest and completed 3 weeks ago) PLUS an entire goody bag of treats for each child (all healthy or organic and including fun non-edible items).  Mom FOR SURE attends the class party, because she is homeroom mom.

Second born - Child brings a Valentine plus a single item for each child, by gender (ie, boys get "boy" valentines, girls get "girl" valentines, plus a lollipop thrown in for good measure).  Mom sometimes attends party but might forget to sign up soon enough to ensure her "spot" as a helper.

3rd+ born children - Child has to remind parent about buying Valentines and they are usually whatever is left at Target the night before the party.  They may or may not be geared toward gender.  (Hey, don't they teach you in preschool that "you get what you get and you don't get upset?" :)  Sometimes they might include leftover halloween candy.  Mom has attended enough preschool  parties already and is done. :)

Okay, this is slightly exaggerated but judging from Chloe's Valentine mailbox, not too far off.....

In my defense, I did get Chloe gender specific valentines, they were bought well ahead of time, and no halloween candy was used.  :)

But I didn't go to the party.  :( 

Next year my 2 older kids will be in school all day so I am totally there!

Unless I forget to sign up in time.....

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