Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A fun valentine's day

This year Valentine's Day fell on a day off from school - it was really fun because we all got up and didn't have to rush off.  We could just enjoy breakfast together and relax!
First we started with pink pancakes and candy.  Lots of candy.  Oh, and valentines. :)

 Everyone's in a lovey mood when gifts are being handed out to each other. :)
In the morning we went to a friend's house to have a Valentine's party with a bunch of friends.
First the kids decorated their Valentine bags.

Some kids were more interested in playing!  :)  
There was also a craft that involved shaving cream and food coloring.  I think Audrey's hands were purple for the next day or two despite repeated washings!

More crafty fun.....

Perhaps this is why Audrey's hands were stained?

The kids also played games, exchanged valentines, made their own pizzas for lunch and decorated heart cookies. 

My friend Katie -who hosted the party -  has a lot more patience for chaos than I do!
Later, back at home, we had lasagna, salad, & bread for dinner by candlelight. :)  It was a really fun day!

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