Thursday, September 8, 2011


The big news around here is that it is raining cats and dogs.  (I said "raining cats and dogs" to Carter the other day and he quickly  ran to the window and said "WHERE??!?!"  So I had to explain that euphemism...Then he looked at me like I was nuts.)  :)

No seriously.  They made a big huge hairy deal out of Hurricane Irene ... when what they SHOULD have done is made a big huge hairy deal out of Tropical Storm Lee.  It has been raining here since Monday ... on and off during the day but torrential rains overnight the last few nights.  This morning I woke up and all the trains into the city had been suspended and the Schuylkill Expressway (one of the major routes in Philly) was shut down.  Around here it isn't TOO bad but the river a few miles away has not crested yet.  

Anyhow, the point of this post is .... remember that trip to Hershey Park I posted about (just last Friday?)  Well, this is Hershey Park now:
A massive flood zone.
(photo from

They have a small zoo area in the park and apparently some of the animals died in the flash flooding. :(

I am really glad we went last week and not this one! 

And pray for people who live in the flood zone.  Some of our friends live right across from the Schuylkill canal and are expecting a potentially full basement of water later on ... boo.

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nateandkatesmom said...

awww, that is ashamed about those animals at the park. Glad we don't live in a flood zone! I'm ready to see the sun again!