Friday, September 30, 2011

Cake Pops

Last week this came in the mail:  

The kids IMMEDIATELY began begging asking if we could make these cake pops (only Carter kept calling them "Family Circles" haha).  And then they spent the past week trying to decide which kind they thought was the coolest.  My only criteria was that we NOT make the pirates.  (They were way too detailed for me and my patience level.)  They decided on cats and pumpkins.

Now, I have absolutely zero experience making cake pops.  (And I have heard from many people that they are not as easy as they look...) SO, I enlisted my trusty friend Lyn to help because -
1. she has made cake balls before at least
2. my kids love for her to come over, and
3. isn't every new adventure much more fun with a friend?

On Thursday Audrey had the day off so Lyn came over and off we went.

It was kind of a messy process ....

And it was a little trial and error (with a few pops that fell off their sticks ...)

But all in all, we had a lot of fun and we were all pretty pleased with the results.
Although I still think our "cats" look more like reindeer...

Carter & Audrey were very proud of their hard work...

 I really like how the pumpkins turned out!
 Our littlest cake pop sampler seemed pretty happy to test them out ...

Hey cake pop, where have you been all my life???
Yup, they were a hit.
May have to make these again sometime!

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Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Oh my word...first of all, Amy...SUPER STINKIN'CUTE! I actually did LOL when I read that your little guy called them "Family Circles"...That gave me a big smile and a huge "Awwwwww!" :) I think that your cake pops turned out great! I've wanted to do these as well but I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about it. Like you said, I am sure that look easier than they actually are. Love the pumpkins and I think that your cats actually do look like cats. ;) Kudos to you for commandeering a knowledgeable friend to help. :) I am not on the hunt for my own knowledgeable Thanks for sharing these - looks like fun! Have a great weekend! XO