Sunday, September 4, 2011

The last hurrah of summertime

Guess where we went yesterday?
 Still not sure?
How about this?  (Hint:  Check out the shape of the window...)
Yep, we visited the land of Chocolate .... Hershey Park!
 Where your size is measured by candy bars ... Carter was a Reese's PB Cup...
And Audrey is now a Hershey Bar.  This means that she can ride most of the rollercoasters!
Although thankfully Carter could ride a few too.  Including the Trailblazer and the Sooper Dooper Looper!  He is so brave!
(I still cannot believe that my kids love rollercoasters.  When I was their age, I was terrified of them!  And Audrey rides them with her arms in the air!!  AAAAGGHHH!)
And yes, we did ride many of the "tame" rides as well. :)
Audrey driving..... thankfully we have many more years before we will reach this milestone.
We also went over to Chocolate World and saw how they make the yummy chocolate!
And you get some free samples when the tour is over.  Even better!
You may notice that Chloe is not in any of the pictures ... that is because we left her at home with her Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop.  They took her to the park and she had rides on the swings and a carousel, so no worries, she had her own fun time! ;)

 It was such a fun day.  Long and tiring, but oh-so-fun.  I love days like this when the kids are just enjoying life and having such a great time!  Good memories.

I have to admit, I almost feel a little guilty posting pictures of our day.  While we were running carefree around an amusement park, our neighbors were rushing their precious Gabby to CHOP.   Gabby is in the ICU with excessive swelling in her brain.  It is causing her to have difficulty eating, moving, even breathing.  It is obviously very scary, and they need our prayers.  PLEASE pray for them.

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