Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's official: I'm a mother.

As if the c-section scar didn't confirm it for me... you know you're a mom when:  you are sitting up at night, long after the children have been put to bed, stitching together a bunny costume.  :) 

The first graders at Audrey's school are putting on a "zoo night" tomorrow evening.  They have learned some zoo-related songs.  They have researched their chosen animal at the school library.  They have designed and colored a habitat background to stand in front of and answer animal-related questions.  And apparently their mothers have been hard at work coming up with costumes!

So I have spent the last few nights working on this:
Okay, these ears were actually bought by Grandma at Easter.  THANK YOU GRANDMA!
(One less thing to try to put together!)

 But this beautiful bunny shirt was handcrafted by yours truly, haha!
 Yup, I have spent a few hours stitching feather boa material to the edges of this previously boring gray t-shirt, as well as adding a pink felt "tummy."

 Then I spent a while surfing the web learning how to make a pom-pom ball (aka a bunny tail) out of yarn.  So I made a huge awesome tail!  But then I realized it was way too big and heavy.  So then I made another smaller tail.  THEN, I spent quite a bit of mental energy wondering how to attach it to the shirt!  
(I finally just glued it to a clothespin.  Hope it stays!)

I'll have to post a picture of Audrey in her get-up after zoo night tomorrow!

Speaking of being a mommy ... Chloe spent quite a bit of time and energy trying to put this little beaded necklace on her dolly this morning.  My girlie loves her babies!
(I think I see some costume-making in her future ....)

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