Monday, May 2, 2011

On his road to the big leagues...

It begins.
Saturday, April 30, 2011

 Gloves on, ready to go...
 Taking a few practice throws.... (look at that form!)
 Getting the pep talk ....
 "GO CUBS!"  
(how appropriate for us former Chicagoans - hopefully their record will be better than the Chicago Cubs...)
 Getting set for his first "at bat" ever...
 A few last minute adjustments ...
And it's a hit!
Safe at first!

Although truth be told ... everyone swings til they get a hit ... and everyone is safe at first.  :)
That does not make me any less proud though. 
I have it all recorded so that when he is in the majors I can sell his memorabilia to collectors on ebay.  haha!

That's my boy!!

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Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Don't you love it?! My son, Nicolas, is in his first year of Coach Pitch @ KYAL. We have really been loving it. The boys are so cute in their little uniforms. Yay for springtime and little league. :) Have a great day, Amy!