Sunday, November 28, 2010

Visit with Santa

Audrey, 7
Carter, almost 4
Chloe, 16 months

Last week my Mom & I took the kids to visit Santa. As you can see, one family member was less than thrilled about the man in the red suit ... but trust me, we didn't leave her on his lap for long. :) I usually take the kids in the few days before Thanksgiving - it's a little early but it makes for a quick trip and no lines, and they usually have off from school anyhow.

I know people have different opinions about telling their kids about Santa, but for us it is just for fun. Actually, I have never made a big deal out of Santa ... but Audrey kind of picked up the ball and ran with it at an early age. The kids have such fun with it all that I really don't want to burst their bubble, but it is only a matter of time for Audrey. The other day she came home from school and told me that some boy on the bus said that Santa was just a man in the suit - and she said (and I quote) "everyone on the bus went {gasp}!!" (I personally thought it was funny that the whole bus was appalled by what he said.)

Anyhow, we usually leave cookies for Santa, put reindeer food out on the lawn, and he leaves a couple favorite presents for the kids. Honestly, I think Audrey WANTS to believe in Santa because she is a sharp cookie and there have been many instances where she would have reason to doubt. I don't remember ever really believing in Santa as a child ... but I would pretend to believe because I loved all the traditions surrounding him.

This weekend we took out the Christmas stuff and I found these photos from the past few years. It is so fun to see how our family has changed, and how the kids in particular have grown. The pictures start with Audrey at age 3. (I know I have some pictures of Audrey earlier on but I can't find them at the moment.)

Audrey, age 3
(and I was almost 8 months pregnant with Carter)

Audrey, age 4 & Carter, age 11 months

Audrey, 5 & Carter, almost 2

Audrey, 6
Carter, almost 3
Chloe 5 months
And Mommy, age 37
(Only way I could get Carter to be in the picture this year was to have him on my lap!)

The Santa is the same man in each picture!! (And my Mom & I say he is the "real" Santa, because - geez, doesn't he look authentic to you??)

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

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Kaylee said...

I think the crying pictures are the best! :)