Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you Shutterfly

So folks, you know how I am always game for a good deal?

Well here is a GREAT one! (Especially if you are a blogger ... take note!) Stay with me now as I digress for a moment....

Once again, Christmas is rolling around faster than a freight train at night. And for many of us that means thinking about Christmas cards among other things.

I've been taking a look around Shutterfly's website for some inspiration. They have some great cards this year.

I really like this one:

I like how the cover photo is really prominent and I like the simple scalloped frame design a lot, but what I REALLY like about this card is that inside the card there is a little spot for a picture of each family member and a few lines where you could write a little "year-in-review" summary about that person. (Kind of like putting the "Christmas letter" into the card itself. No more pieces of paper falling out all over the place and getting separated from the card itself!) Isn't that a great idea? If you search their "story cards" you will see a whole variety of cards that have this feature.

And I think this one really reflects the reason for the season:

This one also has space to write a little something inside (although just a short message on this one). And the cover has 3 spaces for 3 little faces. Perfect for our family. :)

Here's another idea - I like the simplicity of this one, the variety of photos you could use for this card .... and I LOVE the monogram. I think monograms are so classy, don't you?

Honestly, there are a lot of options to choose from. I don't know quite how I will choose!

I also have to make a plug for the photo books. I just ordered a photo book that I made of Chloe's first year, and it turned out great! (I will add - I was having trouble using the code for a discount and called customer service, and they were VERY helpful. I was so glad to not have to hassle about it.) Photo books are also currently 20% off and they make good gifts too.

Okay, now on to the good news. Shutterfly is offering all bloggers 50 FREE 5x7 flat or folded stationerycards in exchange for a blog post on their stuff. Since I have been happy with my Shutterfly experiences for many years now, I was happy to do this. If you want to take part too, go to join in on the free offer:!

Thank you Shutterfly!

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