Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in review

So I have been on an unintentional blogging hiatus this past week. Too, too busy to blog. And I kinda wish I had taken more pictures of the various activities ... but sometimes I just want to stop trying to capture the moments with the camera and just live the moments instead.

So this past week included:

A visit with my Aunt Deb & Uncle Dave who were in town from Illinois. They were kind enough to house me for 2 years while I was in grad school. It was so great to see them and catch up with them! We had a beautiful evening with them and the rest of my family out on my parents' deck (until one of my children had a massive overtired meltdown but moving right along ...)

Fun at the pool with some friends ... will we go again before school starts? Don't know but I know the kids are wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'...

Chloe turned 13 months. She is changing so much lately ... but that's another blog post.

Lunch with the kids at Chick-fil-A. For free. Gotta love FREE.

Fun with our little friend Micah who came over while his Mommy got her first ultrasound of his new sis or bro!

A trip to the store for a new backpack, lunch bag, etc. Audrey is oh-so-excited to start school!

A really fun Mexican fiesta with our neighbors. (Have I mentioned that we have great neighbors??) Now this event I did take pictures of!

Daddy & Chloe

I am amused at how Chloe just runs with the big kids like she's one of them.

No fiesta is complete without a homemade taco pinata filled with everyone's leftover candy and cheap crap toys. The kids were none the wiser... ;)

The kids waiting for their turn to swat the pinata.

Audrey takes a swing.

Carter with his loot.

Next up was the bike obstacle course.

And last was ... a messy science experiment?
What happens when you mix a 2 liter of diet coke with 7 mint mentos?

A big huge geyser of diet coke.
How does this fit into the fiesta theme?
Don't know but the kids LOVED. IT.

Last night we took my parents out for their 40th anniversary. Only this was their 41st anniversary this year. What can I say, last year this time I had a newborn and we just couldn't manage it. So this year it was ... we went to Maggiano's and ate way too much food but it was amazing as usual! Happy 41 years Mom & Dad! And a big shout out to my brother Andy who watched all three kids for us. He deserves a prize.

So after such a fun week ... well, now comes the downer. Audrey & Carter woke up this morning with fevers (there is virus going through the neighborhood and looks like we caught it). Actually, Audrey isn't all that bad so far, but poor Carter is definitely down for the count. Today he was watching TV and next thing I know this is what I saw:
He slept from noon until 4:30 and then was back in bed at 8. Poor little guy. :(

Looks like this week will be off to a slow start. Maybe that's just what we need after a busy one and as we prepare for school to start next week!

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nateandkatesmom said...

Nathan ended up with a fever at the beach all weekend. He had fun when his fever was down but would crash when the medicine was wearing off. His was going up to 103's. Today it didn't get to high so I'm hoping it's the last day. Now he just has a cold. I hope your kids have a much milder and quicker case. I's such a bummer when they are sick.