Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Vaca @ Ocean City, NJ

This year we spent 5 days in Ocean City, NJ. I know it is so cliche to go "down the shore" for vacation when you live here on the east coast ... but I just love it. It is the perfect vacation to take with kids. There's the beach - with water fun and the biggest sandbox any kid could want to play in. There's the boardwalk - filled with rides, mini golf, arcade games, and lots of yummy food. And the whole attitude in being there is just chill. No hurrying, no big agendas ... just lots of simple fun.

We took Chad's parents along with us this year and we all had a fun time together. Chad and I even got a night out by ourselves! Our place that we rented was a bit farther from the beach than we would have liked, but it was clean, nice, and affordable. No worries.

I uploaded a lot of pictures here because I just want to remember lots of the highlights. Sorry if it is overkill for anyone reading ...

I want to try to take a picture like this with the kids every year that we go to the shore. I think it will be fun to see how everyone changes! However, this is the best picture I could get this year ... one posing child, one scowling child, one crying child. Ah, memories.

Playing ...

Perfecting the fine art of the drippy castle.

Carter was happy to fetch water for Audrey over and over and over again.

Chloe loved the beach!

Writing in the sand.

Doing fancy jumps into our own man-made "pool"

Riding the rides at Jillian's

The hot air balloon ride seemed to be a fave.

The picture quality here is awful, but just look at the kids' faces! Joy!

The family and one uncooperative boy.

Carter's getting his first mini golf lesson from Mommy. I have to say - I stink at most "sports" but I am half decent at mini golf. ;)

Maybe he needs more lessons. I don't think that is how I taught him to hold the putter ... but he was having too much fun to care about his golf form.

Miss Audrey golfing.
Chloe was taking a walk on the boards with Grandma and Grandpa.

Align Center
Chloe's walking really took off while we were away. She had great fun walking around this counter and playing peek a boo with Grandma.

Chad and I on our date having some much needed time alone.

The kids with Grandma & Grandpa before they left.
Really, Chloe does love Grandma, despite the fuss she is making in this picture.

Boo hoo that vacation is over for the year. :(
But we are already making some plans for next summer - potentially a week at the shore with my parents and a trip to the Poconos with Chad's family! Hope it all works out! :)

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Allison said...

Great pics! I TOTALLY understand why Carter wouldn't want to put his face in that flip-flop shoe!!! Ewww...imagine how many giant TOES have been in that thing. Ewwwww! ;)