Friday, August 13, 2010

A day at the farm

This summer the moms in our church have been having a once-a-week playgroup on Friday mornings. Our attendance has been really hit or miss but this week the group was going to the Upper Schuylkill Valley Park, which is a cute little farm right on the Schuylkill River. There are a few random animals and birds which - to a grown-up - are not all that exciting. You know, turkeys, deer (which I could see hundreds of down the road at Valley Forge National Park), owls, bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, foxes, etc. I pondered not even going since the sky was looking pretty gloomy. But this morning as we pulled into the parking lot Audrey yelled from the back of the van "Ooh, I love this place!" So glad we decided to go! The kids had a really fun time with some friends, and as the pictures will show - the best part was not the farm at all but splashing around on the riverbanks! Seven out of eight children came home wet. :) The one dry child was Chloe, because Mommy doesn't let the one year old play in the river!

Getting a better view of the goat ...
(although I personally like the view of the 4 cute backsides better than the goat!)

Chloe enjoying the ride ... maybe next year she'll be climbing the fence too.

If there's a puddle to be found, the kids will find it!
Fortunately they wore their boots...

We were riding down a hill and instead of holding on tight ... Chloe kept putting both hands way up in the air. Like I've said before - I think she is gonna be a rollercoaster kind of girl...

The kids running for the water. I love the view here!

As previously stated - glad we went with the boots today...

Throwing rocks into the water was a favorite activity.

Audrey and Abigail wading in together.

Chloe really wanted to join in on the water fun.

One soaking wet little boy!
Oh well, it's only yucky river water, right?

I'm writing lots of these summer fun posts because before you know it, our lives will be - school, homework, bedtime, repeat. Gotta soak up all the fun because our summer days are numbered!


nateandkatesmom said...

We were just there on Monday. Did they have any butterflies in the butterfly exhibit? The only ones we saw are dead. My kids have always love the "piggy farm".......although I guess it's just "the farm" now since they sold all the piggies.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Sorry we missed that one! We were leaving for the beach that day and had to run a bunch of errands that morning. :(