Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wow. 9 months old already!

Chloe has now been outside in the world for as long as she was inside the womb! Weird to think of it that way. It still blows my mind how much a baby changes in utero ... from a single cell to a complex little person. And also equally amazing is how much Chloe has changed from birth to now.

Those first days were kinda scary with Chloe being hooked up to monitors and IV's and spending time in the NICU. But we knew she was in God's hands.

And praise God! Look at her now. Into everything, on the move, full of smiles, curious about her world, and filling our hearts with so much joy.

So what is Chloe up to these days?

Well, she has decided to celebrate 9 months of life by running a fever and wanting Mommy to hold her all the livelong day ... I don't know what's going on. She has no symptoms other than fever and lack of appetite and fussiness.

But fortunately, Chloe is usually such a happy little girl! So that is what I will focus on in this post. ;)

A few firsts this month ...

First Easter

Crawling on hands and knees now ...
First swim

.... have I mentioned that I think this swimsuit is darling? haha

And just for fun ... a few more pictures of Chloe at 9 months.

Oh, another "first" ... I am now able to get a hair bow to stay in Chloe's hair!


Magda said...

Thank you for sharing your life with Chloe. She's absolutely beautiful and so happy and healthy. You are certainly blessed with a wonderful family.

The Raudenbush Family said...

That swimsuit is so cute--I'm sure she gets some looks when she's at the pool in that one! Lots of "ooos" and "aahhhs" I'm sure. :)

Jenny said...

She is just adorable -- and I LOVED that age so much! They are just learning so fast then. For her first birthday, Evie got this awesome set of Alphabet books from Baby Einstein (26 little square books, 1 for each letter with picture of things that start with that letter). She knew like her entire alphabet by the time she was like 18 months old and all because of those books which she LOVED! She was all about books.
I was just thinking that the fever and such could just be teething...they say that can happen. Assuming it's just kinda low grade and goes down with Tylenol or whatever. Just a thought - and thanks for sharing your kids with me:)