Monday, April 12, 2010

Into mischief

Well, I had been using the exersaucer as a blockade to keep Chloe from getting into the cords along the wall. Apparently this is no longer an effective baby-proofing method:

Look who is totally getting into the cords. :(

So, I decided to use a pillow to block them instead. This should be effective for about 2 hours before she figures out how to throw the pillow and get to the cords....
Anyhow, after realizing that the cords were no longer accessible, Chloe decided to turn around and come back. Through the exersaucer.

I apologize for all the photos of Chloe climbing around and getting into stuff (both here and in previous posts) ... it's just that my older two never did this stuff- at least not this early! So I am actually enjoying watching her do all this!

(Apparently she also was having fun with the remote when I wasn't looking too!)

Yay, I'm halfway through!

Ouch, I keep hitting my head up there!

No, really - OUCH!

Phew! I made it!

In other news, Carter fell down the steps yesterday and banged his head really badly. For like the tenth time this month :(
It's hard to tell here, but he looks like he has half a baseball raised off the side of his forehead. It should be nice and black and blue here in a few days.
I think he must be growing into some longer limbs or something because he has been so klutzy lately!
Poor buddy.


nateandkatesmom said...

Oh, my! Poor Carter! Thank Goodness he didn't break a bone or get a concussion. I remember Nathan going through that very clumsy-accident prone stage. He made it through in one piece! Love the progressive pictures of Chloe exploring, and getting into mischief!

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Wow, sorry about Carter's head, that does look bad. Chantel is luckily the queen of balance. She doesn't get that from me. Ballet I'm sure helps. She scooted on her backside, crawled backwards, crawled forwards, cruised, walked on her knees and finally walked quite well by late 14/15 months, depending on how you count her age, she was born, 3 weeks and a day early. So, Chloe, is going through the steps too. :-)

Nichole said...

LOL.... I'm sorry to laugh at these, but boy can I S ooooooo Relate! Josh has an obsession with cords too?

Chloe is just adorable, by the way!

Sorry about little Carter, ugh! Josh is "looking" at our staircase too much lately, I'm sure I'll have to deal with the same issues.... Keeps us on our toes!!! These little explorers.

I try to re-direct as often as I can, this is one tough job! But seeing their growth is worth it too.