Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quotes of the day

First from Audrey:

This afternoon as we walked to the bus stop, Audrey stopped and picked up a big ol' dandelion. You know, the kind with white seeds just asking to be blown across the neighborhood?

She says with great anticipation -"Mommy, I love these, because they have all these seeds. I'm going to plant or blow all of them, and next year we'll have a whole yard FULL of dandelions!!"


Sorry Chad. And everyone else in the neighborhood who is seeking a dandelion-free yard.

And the quote of the day from Carter, because he literally comes up with a quote-worthy statement each day:

"Mommy, can I spit? I want to spit like a big boy."

He just wants to go in the bathroom, stand up on the stool, get a cup of water, put some in his mouth, and spit it out. Over and over and over again. I think spitting must be part of that Y chromosome. That or he's been watching too much baseball with Daddy!

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