Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things I would like to ask Mary

Today when I was listening to Christmas music, I heard this line from Mary Did You Know? -
"Mary did you know ... that when you kiss your little baby, you've kissed the face of God?"

The whole song has beautiful lyrics about what the small baby Jesus would one day become.

All deep and very meaningful.

However, there are a few things I would love to ask Mary, who bore and raised the Son of God.

First and foremost - Did Jesus always sleep through the night? or at least from a young age? :)

Did He every yell "NO!" in your face?

Did He have strange little habits, like spinning cars upside down or collecting all sorts of debris (not that I know anyone like this ...)?

Did you ever need to punish Him, or was He always obedient?

If He was always obedient, did his brothers and sisters dislike Him or call Him Mr. Goody Two-shoes?

What was it like to have a kid who always thought He was right, and actually was?

I know some of them are silly, but it does make you wonder... was Jesus a "normal" baby/toddler/child, or was He just naturally good in a way that our human children are not?

Just wondering.


nateandkatesmom said...

Good questions! When you are young and do not know right from wrong, can you really be bad? Hmmm, I guess when He was of age to know the difference, he was obedient, sinless. Can you imagine??

Nichole said...

LOL.... Amy, I was wondering those very same thoughts!
So funny to post that, I have a few questions of my own too :) Our family has been talking about Jesus birth and watching the very first Noel and we talked about what it must have been like to be the brother or sister of Jesus... :)

Appreciate your sense of humor Amy. Have a Merry Christmas with your little ones :)