Sunday, December 20, 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We have about a foot of snow here in Phoenixville. I know, because Chad went out and measured. Yes, he is a scientist. :) It came down all day yesterday and of course the kids were out playing while Chad shoveled the driveway (he had to shovel twice ...) I stayed in where it was warm and kept Chloe occupied. :) And took a few pictures!

Snowball fight!

"Mowing" the snow

Watching the plow go by. So fascinating to a 2 year old boy!

Every time I looked at Carter he was eating the snow.

Time for snow angels

We ended the afternoon with a neighborhood party at Kelly & Norm's house. Santa made an appearance to deliver some goody bags! I love the kids' faces when Santa shows up. The kids then played Secret Santa and gave their gifts to each other. (The kids draw names and then pick out a book for the child they picked.) It was a fun time!! The kids love doing this every year.

Chad & Audrey also made our gingerbread house. I love that Chad enjoys doing this. He gets really creative ... it was his idea to make a Santa popping out of the chimney!

Today church was canceled so I'm sure that we will continue with more playing in the snow. I think we'll also make some Christmas cookies, watch a movie with popcorn, and have a big breakfast for DINNER! I love when snow days fall on the weekend and we're all home to enjoy it together ... especially the week before Christmas!


ErinOrtlund said...

Nice gingerbread house! Looks like the picture on the box. We did one too, and well, it didn't look much like yours. It didn't help that some of the gingerbread pieces had cracks from when the kids had taken it from its hiding place when they were told not to. Cracked pieces with frosting and candy added = gingerbread house with a caved in roof.

Chris Ann Schultz said...

We didn't have Church or S.S. and weren't shoveled out in time for a latter service. So we delivered a meal to someone from church in Schwenksville that afternoon instead and I enjoyed a birthday weekend, snowed in. It was relaxing and nice! ♥ Thanks for sharing the photos!