Friday, October 30, 2009

Kindergarten Parade ... and a little ladybug

It's a big day at the kindergarten center ... Halloween parade and parties today! Parents were invited to come watch the fun. So Carter, Chloe & I went over to see the big event.

Getting ready to go. My curling iron was dead, so I had to break out the hot rollers. Which I haven't used since probably 1988! I almost had to make an emergency call to our neighbor & hair guru, Kelly! But it all turned out ok. The nice thing about afternoon kindergarten? I didn't have to rush around doing this at 7 am.

A "spookified" kindergarten center sign.


Singing a song for the parents

And last but not least ... my cutie-pie little ladybug. Isn't she something?? :)

Don't worry, Carter will get in on the fun tomorrow!

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Karen said...

So much fun Amy! Audrey looks all grown up with the curled hair and Chloe is absolutely priceless in that costume.