Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 months old

Phew! We made it through those first 3 months. I am always glad when we hit this stage because babies always seem to get SO much easier and more fun when they get to be about this age. And Miss Chloe is certainly getting easier and oh-so-fun these days.

Look at those big blue eyes. I could just eat her up! Chloe is super smiley lately and is already gurgling and cooing and "talking" up a storm. Girls just seem to have a lot to say!

Chloe is holding her head up very steadily now, and she wants to stand on my lap all the time. She also tries very hard to sit herself up. The other day my mom held her hands and she actually pulled herself all the way up to a sit from a lying-down position. So far she is one strong little chick. And boy do I wish I had those abs of steel like she does!

I even tried her in the Bumbo seat the other night for a change of scenery. Chloe is now starting to grab at toys and also tries to get them into her mouth. Audrey got her first teeth at 4 months (!) so we'll see when Miss Chloe starts teething in earnest. Could be starting already ...

We are starting to get into a "schedule" of sorts also ... more regular naps and bedtime. For the last two nights she has only gotten up once to eat, so here's hoping that we continue with that trend. I feel like a new woman! Can you imagine what I might be able to accomplish when she actually sleeps through the night??? :)

We are just lovin' this little gift from God. Chloe means "blooming" and she is certainly blooming right before our very eyes.


Nichole said...

I LOVE THAT BUMBO SEAT! We thought about getting Josh one, but never got around to it! So, I use the "boppy" which works nicely too -- Chloe looks so adorable in it :) great back support... glad to hear she's more fun these days, oh can I relate!

Cheers :)

Karen said...

She is blooming and with every extra added hour of sleep, so is Mommy! Keep up the great work, Amy!