Thursday, October 29, 2009

A day or two in the life. Late October edition. :)

Audrey has been wanting to have a "matching" outfit with Chloe since she was born. Unfortunately, their sizes are so far apart they will probably never really have matching dresses or anything ... but I found a pair of baby overalls and girls' skirt that matched at OshKosh. So today they matched for the first time. I don't think Audrey's desire to match will last much longer. I have a feeling that very soon it will be very "uncool".
Carter obviously was not into wearing purple. :)

Carter is a very good big brother who has perfected the high-pitched "HIIII CHLOOOOOEEEEE!" ... and he loves to hug, cuddle & play with Chloe. Usually he's gentle but let's just say I make it a point to "supervise" their play. :)

Caught a big ol' happy smile from Chloe! She is a very smiley little girl right now!

This guy's pretty smiley himself :)
Except for 12:30 am last night. What was up with that???
This morning I asked him why he was crying and screaming in the night.
His answer? "Uhhh ... I fo-get."
Ugh. Last night was a long one.