Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Diesel

I hope we aren't the only nerds out there who celebrate our cat's birthday. But we do. We really like cake in this family!

We don't know the actual date when our cat Diesel came into this world, since she was found as a small kitten in the midst of an old refinery, but we know about when she was born. Audrey picked August 4th as her birthday. And since we were REALLY busy on August 4th, the "party" was postponed till this weekend.

Here is Diesel as a little bitty kitten ...

And here she is today! A whole lot bigger, and much grouchier looking. Perhaps living with two small children adds to the grouchiness factor ...
Actually Diesel is a great cat and mostly very tolerant of the two little people who like to give her lots of "love".

And ... drum roll please ... here is our "party"
(basically, we Smiths will use any excuse to have cake!)

Audrey was very particular about the cake. It had to be white, with chocolate frosting, and with the wording "Happy 2nd Birthday Diesel Meow." I sense a CEO in the making. She sure knows how to come up with a great vision and big plans ... and then delegate the responsibility to someone else!

3 cheers for Diesel! (and cake! did I mention cake?)

The following shows the progression of messiness after giving an 18 month old a piece of cake:

Pretty gross ...

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute cake and party. Chantel always wants to celebrate Feliz's b-day, I don't. It's Jan 4th or 5th depending if you look at her AKC registration or what the owner told us. We do give her a toy or biscuits for Christmas though. Chantel wants a cat, not until Feliz is gone some day, since she dislikes cats.