Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artsy Fun in Phoenixville

Today I took Lil Pumpkin Audrey and Buddy Boy Carter to Reeves Park, where the Phoenixville Library was hosting a "Family Art Extravaganza" as the finale to their summer reading program. I knew this event would totally be Audrey's cup of tea, and I was not mistaken. There was table upon table of art and craft projects for the kids to create and take home! Audrey LOVES arts and crafts!

Audrey making a bug catcher

Showing off her masterpiece of stamped butterflies, beetles, caterpillars, ladybugs, etc.
She also made a popsicle stick puppet, a spiderweb using yarn (complete with faux spider), sand art, and a weaving of a cricket, which we promptly lost on the way to the car.

While Audrey thoroughly enjoyed herself, poor Carter was not having so much fun being strapped into the stroller. He's too little to do the crafts (and at this point, uninterested), and if I get him out of the stroller, he makes a run for it. We walked over to see the juggling show going on in the band shell, which he enjoyed watching for, hmm, maybe 5 minutes? As time went on, I did let him out to run for awhile, lest you think I'm a mean mommy!

After coming home, Audrey wanted to do some painting too, so here is her creation. A butterfly, a few X's (for kisses) and an "I [heart] you" at the bottom!

In a few weeks, I'm sending Audrey to an art camp for 3 mornings. I was thrilled to find an art center here in Phoenixville that has preschool classes. I hope she enjoys it! I have a feeling she will ...

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute, she likes art too. Chantel does too. She gets that from Ralph's side. She gets her love of language and huge words from Mommy and some from Daddy too. Ralph's got a great vocabulary as well.
Keep checking my blog to see Chantel's latest interest, she tells us what she enjoys and even makes sure I make the phone calls. Smile. Keep in touch.