Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Disturbing ...

[Just apologizing in advance for some of the fuzziness of these photos ...]

I love living here in southeastern Pennsylvania. It's where I was born and raised. I love the old houses, the sense of history, the hilly and tree-filled landscape -- esp. after spending 12+ years in the absolutely FLAT suburban jungle of Chicagoland. I love cheesesteaks, and soft pretzels, and yes, I'll admit it ... even the Eagles.

However, today I got this brochure in the mail and I found it a bit disturbing ... It is a short manual on what to do in the event of a nuclear accident!

You see, we live within 10 miles of a nuclear generating station, so we need to know about evacuation routes and what kind of safety kits we should have on hand in the case of an accident... Phoenixville is close to the southernmost "limit" as shown in this little handy-dandy diagram.

Always comforting to read something that has a headline reading "What is Radiation?" as well as "What You Need to Know About Nuclear Power Plants and Radiation"

Our phone books also contain all this information. Honestly, having grown up in the general area of the nuclear power station (although not within 10 miles), I don't worry too much about it. (After all, I didn't grow an extra arm or anything ...)

But getting brochures like this in the mail do make you think ...


Chris Ann Schultz said...

We got ours a few weeks ago. Don't you hear a signal practice alarm in your area? We do. That's a little disturbing. You can hear it from inside the house. It's from Green Lane area, the first Monday of the month at 2 p.m. Luckily, I'm not home most of the time. We live in the area, but I believe very close to the edge of the danger zone. Who says 10 miles is safe. My aunt and uncle could see the stacks in Pottstown area and both died of cancer, that freaked me out, when I was young. So, I'm used to thinking about things like that. It's definitely a matter of safety, concern, and prayer. I definitely am not in support of that kind of "clean" energy, at whose expense?

ErinOrtlund said...

Yeah--I can see why that would be disturbing. But then, I guess no matter where you live, there are dangers. If you lived in Florida, it would be hurricanes. In California, it would be earthquakes. And in Saskatchewan, the possibility of freezing to death!