Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, today is Mother's Day. I was awakened at 7:30 by Audrey, who had a half-dozen little "presents" for me that she found in her own room and had been collecting for a number of days now - a coloring page and crayons (so I could enjoy coloring the picture myself), a piece of yarn and a few beads (again, a DIY project), some stickers, a few princess books ... all very sweet! She's been reminding Chad for days that he should wake her up early on Mother's Day so that they could make me breakfast. Well, this morning Chad got up and made me pancakes, but evidently Audrey was a little too tired to drag her hiney out of bed to help :)

After breakfast, Chad was off to church to help set up. Meanwhile, I set the kids up with an episode of Curious George and into the shower I went. I wish I had a recording of what transpired next! Within moments, Carter was in the bathroom calling "mamamamama" (fortunately I had remembered to take the toilet paper off the hanger so he couldn't unwind the whole roll!) However, he then left and proceeded to fall or something because next thing you know I heard wailing. I called Audrey about 10 times to see if she could check for bleeding or serious injury and/or give him a hug. Then I heard the wailing going up and down the hallway, searching for mama (finally it stopped so I guess he was okay). Then the smoke detector started going off incessantly (the steam from the shower sets it off if the door is open ...) I rushed to rinse and dry off to stop the insanity! So much for a relaxing morning. In these moments I tell myself that this is the life of a mother of preschoolers so just relax and deal. Otherwise, I just start feeling sorry for myself ... which of course is silly. I am fortunate and thankful to have 2 healthy, happy kids. They can't help it that they are small and needy! However, I do dream of the day that we all can go out for a nice relaxing brunch after church ...

For now, I will be enjoying the small treasures and huge hugs from my daughter, and drink in the way my son's eyes light up when I come to get him from the church nursery. That's the only "Happy Mother's Day" that I really need. :)

PS - For Mother's Day, I also got flowers late last week from Chad ... that was a special treat in and of itself!

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Wow, What an eventful day! Mother's Day this year for us was all about serving our Mom's. It doesn't seem to be about us for a long time. I did get some cards from Ralph and Chantel and I requested one more flower basket for Blessings Garden Area. We made a meal for Ralph's mom at our house and then we picked up a meal for my mom. So, both days this weekend were busy.
Glad you survived your day. I skipped the Baby dedications and made it through S.S. with many thank yous for the nice Mother's Day cook book. 17 pages long. 17 4th graders in our class this year!
Keep in touch!
Chris Schultz