Thursday, June 5, 2008


The other day as the kids were getting ready for bed, Audrey insisted on "reading" Carter his bedtime story (reading in quotes since she technically can't read ... but how hard is it to lift the flaps?) I opened the door to see this sweet sight - my 2 kids enjoying each other's company; one the "older and wiser," the other wanting to learn from his big sis. This vision brings back so many memories and feelings for me. I joke that my family is like the movie "Groundhog Day" for me in some ways, and here's why: I grew up with my mom, dad, myself, and my little brother. And now I have recreated my family all over again. Even family get-togethers remind me of my childhood in that our family would get together with my one local set of grandparents and my uncle, who is unmarried. And guess what? Today, our family get-togethers entail the EXACT same set up. We Smiths, my parents, and my brother, who is unmarried. The only difference is that I moved up a generation!

It's been interesting seeing how Audrey has adjusted to life with a sibling, especially after being alone for almost 3 1/2 years. Carter, being the little "cute" one of the moment, gets a lot of attention for his antics and his new accomplishments and of course, his cuteness. Today at Kohl's the checkout lady went on and on about how adorable he was and another customer added "Oh, and look at those blue eyes". Of course my mother's heart swelled with pride, yet I felt for Audrey who sat there most certainly feeling like chopped liver. This is, of course, not the first time this has happened. She used to actually ask me why people didn't say that she was cute too. Ouch. I too remember people going on and on about my little brother and how cute he was (he even had the blue eyes like Carter does! Eek - groundhog day again) and I hated it! I felt totally invisible! So I made a point to say something positive about Audrey too, which fortunately the clerk picked up on and added something about her as well.

All in all, Audrey is one terrific big sister. Sure, I can tell that sometimes she is jealous of the attention he gets (I can especially tell this when she starts acting like she's a little kid too) but mostly she seems to have learned to not take it too personally. I hope this is because she has good enough self-esteem to know that she is important and special too.

And sometimes Audrey's a little too bossy (hmmm, that reminds me a wee bit of myself at that age ...) But her love for him is obvious - from the way she wants to be first to go in his room in the morning ... to the way she wants to read him stories before he goes to bed at night.

It makes a mother's heart proud.

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Yes, I see how that works. Ralph had to explain the movie reference. I'm not a movie buff. Chantel is me singing loudly in the backyard. That's what her name means too, "one who sings out loud". She's also me when she wants to have a sibling. Hopefully, she won't tell me how old I am at 40. I kept telling my mom she was 39 for 3 years. I was only 7 or 8 at the time. She will be 10 when I turn 40. So I see some of what your saying. Never had the sibling, so I can't relate to that. I have enough issues dealing with cousins who were raised like my brothers, but seem to be in their own world, losing touch and interest.