Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our newest little buddy

Some close friends of ours recently had their first baby.... little Owen.
Isn't he cute?  
Someday he is going to love that his mama put all these stuffed animals around his head and we took pictures....

He has come to our house a few times now, and each of the kids is fascinated by him.  They all want to hold/feed/take care of him.  It is very sweet.

 Audrey is already quite good at holding him and today she got to feed him too.
 She will be a great babysitter someday!
Carter was just the cutest with him.
The first time they came over he didn't have any interest in holding him.
But today he spent quite a long time holding him...and he kept saying "I think he likes me!"
I think Owen likes you too, Carter.
Chloe (and her blue popsicle mouth) thinks she is the big cheese holding the baby.
(For once, she is NOT the "baby"!)

She got to feed him proud of herself.
After they left Chloe spent the rest of the day carrying around her baby doll.
The funniest thing is she would carry around the doll with its diaper bag, then lay down the doll and say "I need to change her diaper, it is poopy, and that's gwoss!"
 And of course I had to hold him awhile and get my baby fix.  
And Chloe took this picture!  Not too shabby for a 3 year old!
Thanks for sharing Baby Owen with us!
A couple weeks ago, Audrey asked if we could have another baby.
I said "Oh  honey, that's so sweet....but I don't think so."
They're going to have to settle for a surrogate brother!

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