Wednesday, August 22, 2012


At the end of last week, we had a little "last hurrah" of the summer in Ocean City, NJ.  We didn't go for our usual week at the shore this year....because in a few months we are headed to Disney!  But a summer would not be complete without a little beach time.  So we spent 2 days "down the shore." Fun!

 Traditional lifeguard stand pic
Carter had SO MUCH FUN in the water, but it was a little scary because he just had no fear.  Jumping in (and under) the waves, going out as deep as his small self could go....but boy did he have a great time!

 Our own little mermaid
Bathing beauty
 Of course we made a bunch of drippy castles and sandcastles
And more sandcastles
 Searching for little clams in the surf
 Found some!
 We had a great time on the boardwalk at "the rides" (which Carter talked about for days before and all the livelong day until we finally went in the evening!)
This was the first ride the kids went on....all looking excited.
Chloe went on the carousel again at the very end of the looking a bit more tired and zoned out!
 The next day we spent some more time at the beach (with Chloe trying out the boogie board).
After lunch Chad, Audrey & Carter went to play mini-golf.
We took Chloe mini-golfing a month or so ago and I decided I did not want to replicate that experience with her (not ideal having a 3 year old with a club, if you know what I mean)
 So we went for a snack..  She chose blue cotton candy.  (Yuck!)
 It was a fun trip but the kids were pretty worn out!  On the way home, Chloe promptly fell fast asleep, Carter zoned out watching all the road signs go by, and Audrey got busy creating a little work of art.  
This is a picture of us at the beach with some friends of ours that we met up with while we were there.

Oh, and in related news, we also came home with another hermit crab! 
Audrey named him?her? Rainbow Dash!

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